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About Bryan A lifetime of dreaming...

Bryan Versteeg – Conceptual Designer

I was almost born with a pencil in my hands. I’ve always loved drawing. Sometimes just to leave a mark on the paper.

I wasn’t always concerned with how the mark looked. It was usually the act of making it that gave me the most joy anyway.

But now I try to leave nice marks.

In life in general, I try to leave a nice mark.


Bryan Versteeg


2011 Creation of is my collection of space imagination. There is so much I’d like to see but don’t believe I can wait until I see it person.

I try to make an optimistic scenario look believable in the hope that the communication of the vision can lead to a greater understanding.

I believe that space exploration combines the finest technologies and expertise to specifically target the essential aspects of human survival regardless of whether it is on Earth or in space.

The more people who believe it is possible, the more likely it will happen.

Co-Founder of Deep Space Industries

Deep Space Industries will change the economic model of doing business in space by providing the technical resources, capabilities and system integration required to discover, harvest, process and market in-space resources.


I believe there will be a time when there are more humans living off of the earth than living on it.


Concept Designer for Mars One

Since early 2012, I’ve been working with Mars One to communicate the vision of a human settlement on another planet. I hope that the attention that has been brought to this goal will inspire the right people to make it happen.