Bryan Versteeg | 28 Meter Inflatable Interior - Bryan Versteeg

28 Meter Inflatable Interior Category: Art, Mars, Space


Large inflatable domes can allow big and open living spaces on either the moon or Mars. The large domes can then be covered in soil or concrete to provide radiation protection.  Illuminating the ceiling with the equivalent of LCD panels will allow the projection of skies into them for a lighter more open feel.  These larger spaces will also enable the growing of larger plants and trees for industrial fiber or food.  Much of the interior structure could be built using concrete from local materials.

The production of food in a Martian or Lunar settlement will be one of the most important aspects of everyday living. When new and larger spaces are created for the settlers, one of the first priorities will be to increase food production to enable the security necessary for living in an isolated location. The combination of aquaponics and hydroponics will allow for an almost closed loop system to feed many people.